Part purchased: 18-207 Dash Cover that fits Chevy and GMC pickups and SUV's years 2007-2013. "I received and installed my new dash. I love it. Great Product. Thank you !!" - ***Jamie T from Texas.

Part purchased: 12-110 Dash Cover that fits Ford Mustang 1969-1970 "It has been an excellent time dealing with your company. Easy to place order, received in a fast time, great and easy instructions, fits perfect. Thank you so much." ***Bill O - Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Just a few photos of my 87 BMW 325 before and after Coverlay great product easy installation beautifully designed. ***Richard Frankfort

Thanks Coverlay, you made my dash look "New Again"! I was having a problem with my cluster panel and hit my dashboard one time too many and cracked it up pretty bad. It now looks amazing and took away the shame I felt when people rode in my Tahoe. I can go back to driving part time for Uber & Lyft again! #Shine! ***Michael Kyle

Here's one for your photo album, a '91 Blazer with a new dash cover that fit perfectly with no trimming and no hassle whatsoever. ***Jeff Rich

I ordered a dash cover lay for my 1996 Silverado but mine was a late model 96. I returned the one I ordered and ordered the correct one. It was at my house in two days and I installed it yesterday. It looks great and the fit was perfect and easy to install. Great product and service. ***Ed Passalugo Hewitt Texas

Hello, Very pleased with the dash cover I ordered for my '77 Ford F-150, thanks a lot! ***Justin Swank

Thanks for the great product Coverlay, worked out great! Here is a before pic, best way to install pic and final product. ***Glenn

This is a final product of my dash that had the problem of bubbles. And I love it and how it worked out. ***Jose G. Perez

Good afternoon Coverlay team! Just wanted you to know how happy we were with the dash overlay you sent us for the 2005 Lexus. Customer absolutely loved it! Here are the before and afters! Sincerely, ***Devon Davidson MARS of Billings

It feels nice to see the scenery with a wonderful view from my Mitsubishi Galant thanks to my new dash cover. Thank you. ***Hector Lozada Cabrera

Sir/Ma’am, Attached you will find before and after photos of my 1999 Pontiac Firebird dashpad. You can see that it was totally dry rotted and very brittle. Thanks to Coverlay my dash now looks brand new. It’s been in place fo a month and a half and I am very impressed. Thanks. ***William Shipton

Dear Sir/Ma'am, I just installed my dashboard cover from Coverlay and the words to express my amazement almost escape me. I recently purchased a 1985 Toyota 1 Ton pickup, one of the cosmetic problems was the cracked dash, common for a 30 year old vehicle. I was able to get a discount off of the purchase price because of it. I ran across your product while net surfing one night and decided that I had nothing to lose so I bought one. When it came in, I dry fitted it on the dash and WOW!!! If no one told me, I would have thought it was a new dash! Next day I followed the simple instructions and installed it (again very easy) and was just blown away by how it makes the truck look 1000% better! My wife was speechless. I am almost speechless. I will be singing the praises of your product to everyone who comes within earshot of my truck. IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!! Attached are the before and after pics so people can see for themselves. Thanks again for a WONDERFUL product; I will be keeping you in my bookmarks section to give friends who need your products for their own vehicles. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! With much gratitude, ***Wesley Goodin

Good morning. I just completed installation of a '79-'81 Camaro dash cover and am blown away by how good it fits & looks. Good directions and about 2 hours of prep work and I have a brand new dash covering the cracked original. I was skeptical about this project, but at 1/4 cost and significantly less hassle than replacing an original dash-pad, I thought I had little to lose. Boy, what a great project. Like most jobs, the more prep (degreasing, sanding, and pre-fitting), the better the end result. ***Mike Cunnane 1981 Z-28 Camaro.

Coverlay: I received the dash pad a few days ago and I was shocked when I opened it up it was BLACK and I ordered dark grey. Well this OLD DOG learned a new trick thanks to you. We put the pad into the car and it was a PERFECT COLOR MATCH. I forgot how a tinted windshield can make colors look different. Its amazing how so many cars have cracked and failing plastic. THANKS AGAIN FROM A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER !!!!! ***Bruce

I purchased a cover through Rock Auto expecting an adequate but not exceptional product. Rock doesn't offer an opportunity for feedback and your site only serves your direct customers. I was really pleased with the product appearance when received, even more impressed with the trial fit when every detail and contour of the cover exactly matched my vehicle. Installation was almost a non event after applying the adhesive and it looks great. One exceptional product...Thanks. ***Roger Elowsky

Just received my dash cover for my 98 GMC Sierra. WOW, fit was amazing, you cant tell that its not original dash... Thanks ***Dave Newport

Couldn't believe how perfect it fit. Told everyone what a great product it was. Installed it according to directions. Was very pleased. And then.........I parked it in the sun, and it buckled......and cracked. Live and learn! ***Jeff Ludwig

I have a 2000 K2500 old body style that I bought new. Recently, I had to replace my evaporator core. In the process, I busted my dash into, probably, 10 different pieces. I was truly at a loss, because a new dash was 1100 dollars. I found a number of used ones, but the shipping was 250 to 350 dollars, plus the price of the dash! I found your covers at Rock Auto, and decided to try that route. What I was expecting was a cover to make the dash not look so horrible. What I was hoping for was a dash that would look like new. I am excited to say, this time I got my hopes! The fit couldn't have been better and installation simple. I don't think I have ever sent an email on a product before, but yours completed all my expectations. Great job folks. Sincerely "TOTALY SATISFIED CUSTOMER". ***Alvin Nichols

GREAT PEOPLE!! I bought your dash cover for my 1984 Chevy truck, watched your video, and followed your instructions to the letter and BINGO!! PERFECT FIT!! So rarely do you find a product that REALLY is as good as claimed these days… This truck is parked outside, (can’t fit BOTH in garage) needed some restoring inside and you came through for the dash upgrade at 1/3 the cost of replacing the pad. Here in San Diego, it warms up in summer, so put up the windshield shade, tint the glass, etc. And—JUST like you said, it expands/contracts like the original pad. Congratulations on an EXCELLENT product!! It’s MY pleasure to do business with people as yourselves. Happy customer, ***Gene Martorana

I wanted to email Coverlay Industries, and give my positive feedback with my new dashboard cover. I installed a Coverlay Dash Plastic dash cap on my 1982 BMW 320i. I followed the instructions to the letter, and the cover fit like a glove. I probably didn't even need the silicone, that's how well the cover fit. Most of all. It looks beautiful! I am very happy. I already recommended your company to my friend with a 78 Datsun 280z. ***Mike Barone

I got the Coverlay in today and installed it on my wife's 2007 Chevy Suburban tonight. The original dash was cracked and had some holes in it from the sun and poor materials (a search on the internet shows this is a common problem). The Coverlay installed in less than 30 minutes with no tools required just like the instructions and it looks great! There were no adjustments needed, it was a perfect fit out of the box!!! I do wish the texture was closer to the factory texture but other than that, it's a great alternative to a fuzzy dash cover that remind me of the old carpet toilet seat covers :-). Thanks for shipping the cover quickly and for having a superior product. ***Chris C. Pensacola, FL

I had bought your dash panel for my 1980 Pontiac Trans Am Indy Pace Car and have installed it myself. This is the best fitting product that I have installed in my life. I am a retired GM auto tech and this is really the best fitting dash pad I have ever installed. It fits so good that I would not even have to use the adhesive you sent with it, but I did. I am sure glad that I ran across your product. I am well pleased and would recommend this to all car buffs. Thanks for a great product and will tell everyone about it. ***Raymond C Petutsky Orange City FL

Received yesterday. It fit perfectly. Pleased with product. ***Donnie R. Laird

Received and installed your overlay today and am very satisfied with the look and fit. Have friends who are impressed. Will recommend your product. Thanks, ***Hugh Gentry

Thank you, I received the Dash Cover 18-936-DGR for the 93-96 Camaro. I appreciate your business as I recognize the good quality of your Dash Covers and your professional customer service. Thank you again as the “Dark Gray” is a good match for my 1994 Camaro dash color. Best Regards, ***Adolfo Guzman