Why Do You Need A Dash Cover

Why Do You Need A Dash Cover? (Click link below for full article with photos)

We are speaking about a dash cover to go on the original dash of your car, truck, or SUV. Dash covers are an aftermarket accessory that drivers purchase to either 1) protect their existing dash or 2) cover or restore the dash when it is damaged.

There are many ways a dashboard can show damage over time. This could be cracks in the dash, a sticky dash, bubbles in the dash, and much more

Of the different cosmetic issues that can irritate you on your vehicle, there’s nothing more annoying than a problem dash that you see every time you get in your car.

There are basically two types of dash covers – a fabric dash cover, or a molded plastic dash cover.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the fabric dash cover: Pros: *Is less expensive. *Easiest to install. Cons: *Generally is not a snug fit on the dash – it often has issues with staying in place. *Is easily recognizable as an aftermarket dash cover – does not look like the original.

The other type of dash cover that is available is the molded plastic dash cover. Once installed, this dash cover is designed to look as close to your original dashboard as possible. A good plastic dash cover should be made of high-quality ABS plastic, and designed to fit snug over your original dashboard. These dash covers are secured to the original dash via a silicone based adhesive.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the plastic dash cover: Pros: *Molded to have a snug fit over the original dash. *Looks like the original dash – difficult to tell it’s not the original once installed. *Stays in place. *Can actually increase the value of the vehicle once installed. Cons: *Cost more than the fabric dash cover. *Takes longer to install (however most installs are done in approximately 30 minutes).

As mentioned earlier, people will have different reasons for purchasing a dash cover. Customers will generally be happier with a plastic dash cover such as the Coverlay® solution versus the “band-aid” option a fabric cover offers. A Coverlay® dash cover is sure to make you say “wow my dash looks brand new!”

Hopefully this article was helpful. If you would like more information on dash covers, please visit our website at www.coverlaymfg.com, or call our live Customer Service Team at 1-800-633-7090 for assistance. Our email is customerservice@coverlaymfg.com. Thanks for reading.

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